Smith & Nephew Seminars

A core philosophy of Smith & Nephew is healing through understanding.

It is for this reason we have developed a national series of wound management, and compression courses. We feel that when you learn best practice in key indications (e.g. diabetic wounds), and understand how to use our products most effectively you achieve better healing outcomes and cost savings because the patient recovers faster.

In summary...

Wound Management Seminars

The Smith and Nephew Wound Seminar is a comprehensive one-day program that provides an overview of the core parameters related to holistic wound management, with integration of current trends related to clinical practice.

Content includes revision of:

  • anatomy and physiology of skin
  • physiology of acute wound healing
  • physiology of chronic wound healing
  • holistic wound assessment and clinical descriptors for wound documentation
  • a series of case studies to apply new concepts
  • core product groups designed to meet the changing needs of the local wound environment

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Continuing Professional Development Registration Standard states "One hour of active learning will equal one hour of CPD." 1

All nurses and midwives must meet the continuing professional development (CPD) standards.

Each hour of this seminar is equal to one hour of CPD. This seminar runs for 6 hours.

Reference 1: Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Continuing professional development registration standard. Accessed 27 July 2013.

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